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What’s the first thing you think of when you think of luxury?

Bet it wasn’t a bidet.
But once you sit down with (pun intended) and truly experience the Soft Spa bidet, there’s a surprising, unanticipated feeling of luxury associated with it that you just couldn’t have predicted.
And a Soft Spa bidet is not only about enjoying a pampering, spa-like experience. It’s also about the unexpected advantages that your body won’t necessarily “feel.” It’s affordable. It’s hygienic. It’s eco-friendly. And so much more.

What you should expect when an icon in the plumbing industry introduces a bidet.

Hygiene & Self-Care

Affordability & Accessibility

It takes a lot of testing to get to go time.

Steamy showers? No problem.

The Soft Spa bidet was tested by our engineering team in 95% humidity for 120 hours.

It’s getting hot in here.

We let the room temperature rise to 104°F, then opened and closed the lid 50,000 times to test the hinges.

Dropping the mic remote.

We dropped all six sides of our remote control onto a cement floor from 2’ (60cm, sitting height) to ensure its durability and proper functionality. It also still worked perfectly after spraying it with water for ten minutes.

Backed by a five-year limited warranty.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with an industry-leading, five-year limited warranty. So sit down and relax, we’ve got you covered.


Toilets? Yeah, we know our way around a fill valve or two. Fluidmaster is the #1 toilet parts brand in the world, marketing more than 100 million toilet products annually and selling more toilet-tank replacement valves, including the iconic 400A toilet fill valve, than any other manufacturer in the world.
We stand behind our products. All our products are backed by an industry-leading warranty and come with an assurance of excellence from the world’s leading toilet parts company.
The bottom line? When it comes to toilet parts, we’re the undisputed experts. So, it was only natural that we expanded our offerings, creating a high-quality bidet seat designed to bring a luxurious spa-like experience to every bathroom in America.

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