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Using a Bidet

Does the Soft Spa bidet seat fit all toilets? 

Soft Spa is designed for elongated toilet bowls, however the seat is attached to a track that allows it to move back and forth so you can get the most compfortable fit. Round bowls will experience some seat overhang. But in most cases, it is negligible and can be used without overhang interference. Not sure if Soft Spa is the right fit? Click here to register for a complimentary fit template.

What is Soft Spa? 

Your fast pass to bathroom bliss! Our high-tech toilet seat provides you with the most hygienic and comfortable cleansing possible. The self-cleaning wand offers a fully customizable experience with both posterior and feminine wash, as well as a gentle option for sensitive users and a heated seat to keep your peach toasty and warm.

How does it work? 

With the push of a button! Simply swap your existing toilet seat with the Soft Spa 9500, connect to your existing water line, plug it into a dedicated electrical outlet and customize your clean.

Does Soft Spa require electricity? 

Yes. Until we figure out how to run the Soft Spa 9500 on hopes and dreams, you’ll need a dedicated GFCI grounded electrical outlet on a minimum of a 15A circuit.

Can I use an extension cord if I don’t have an outlet next to my toilet? 

Our electronic bidet seat has an electrical cord that is 4 feet long. You may want to consider using a temporary extension cord to reach your nearest outlet. If you opt in for the use of an extension cord, only use those which are 3-prong grounded and rated for 15 amps. The Soft Spa comes equipped with a GFCI plug therefore it can be used with or without a GFCI outlet.

Is a bidet really better than using toilet paper?  

It is without a doubt more efficient! Not only do you eliminate the ick factor of wiping and smearing (sorry, but it’s a fact), you’re also saving your delicate peach from damage due to rough toilet paper, perfumes and dyes. If you’re looking for environmentally friendly, hands-free, superior clean, the Soft Spa 9500 is the way to go.

I’ll just use wipes… 

Do your pipes and your wallet a favor, and back away from the wipes! Wipes, even biodegradable, septic safe ones, can clog up your pipes over time and result in plumbing problems.

Am I saving paper just to waste water? 

Most people don’t think about the amount of water that it takes to produce toilet paper. Spoiler alert, it’s a lot. So if you’re worried about water use, feel free to bidet guilt-free!

Where does the water come from? 

Soft Spa 9500 connects directly to your supply line. The same water you drink out of the tap and shower with now cleans your bum, too. So efficient and clean!

Will the warm air dryer really dry me off? 

We think 30 to 60 seconds of drying time is more than enough time for any bum, but we know that sometimes you’re in a hurry! So, depending on your bathroom habits, a little TP might speed up the process.

How does it connect to the water line?  

Soft Spa 9500 taps directly into your existing water line.The provided T-valve allows water to go to both your tank and the bidet seat,see below.

Is it easy to attach and remove? 

On average, installation takes less than 30 minutes and removes just as simply. As long as you have an outlet, and a standard two-piece toilet, you can move it from bathroom to bathroom with ease.

Will it fit my round bowl? 

While the Soft Spa 9500 comes with an elongated seat, it does fit most round bowls, just with a little overhang. Get a free bidet template

Does it need a hot water line? 

The built-in heating mechanism in the bidet automatically warms the water coming from the water supply line.

Is there a risk of contamination of dirty water in the main water supply? 

The ebidet does come with a anti siphon device (break safety relief valve and vaccum breaker) which does prevent back flow.

Installation & Requirement


An electrical outlet on a minimum 15A Circuit is required.

If using an extension cord, use only those that are three-prong grounded and rated for 15A.