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Soft Spa Bidet with Model Laying



Leave your expectations at the bathroom door.

Because what’s waiting for you inside is an experience so pampering, refreshing, and surprising, you may never want to leave.

You deserve personalized care at your command.

Take spa-like luxury into your own hands with the ability to tailor your self-care experience—making your time alone, yours alone.

Turn “Toilet-Time” into luxurious “Me-Time”.

Escape to your personal space and enjoy the warmth and comfort of heated seats, soothing water, and a clean you never knew you needed. Relax and enjoy the unexpected ahhhhhh that comes from unexpected luxury.

Once you go bidet…

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Going back to traditional toilet seats after you’ve been spoiled by a Soft Spa bidet is simply too much to ask. Thankfully, your Soft Spa seat is easy to install on all your toilets.
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You’re one heated seat away from, “Where has this been all my life?”

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